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Healing with Plants

‘The hidden hand of Healing that brings relief from the pains of this world,

comes from a world beyond.  It comes as an aroma on the winds of the Soul’

David La Chapelle

Imaginal Oils are here to help you heal – body, mind and soul.

Just like us, each plant vibrates on a specific frequency.  When we are stressed, off balance or ill, the frequencies in our bodies drop – sometimes  dramatically.

Using the highest quality organic or wildcrafted therapeutic essential oils and hydrosols, I create bespoke blends to help restore and rebalance your individual energy field.  Each blend is specifically handcrafted to you and your needs.

I work intuitively.  Choosing from over 250 different oils, I dowse your energy from a photograph so your unique blend of oils will match your individual needs – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I have also created a range of blends.  These are made,  irrespective of cost,  so that their vibrational field helps body, mind and soul return to a state of balance.

I also work with therapists including kinesiologists, reflexologists, past life regression therapists, hospices and spiritual teachers – providing oils for specific issues.  Unique blends and sizes are available on request.

Alexandra Dart, Healer, Imaginal Oils 

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Imaginal Oils


Imaginal Oils Angelica


Imaginal Oils Ginger Root


Imaginal Oils Yuzu

Citrus Peel

Imaginal Oils Benzoin

Resin, Balsam and Gum

Imaginal Oils Abies-Alba

Needles, Twigs and Cones

Imaginal Oils Lavender

Flowering Herbs

Imaginal Oils Sandalwood


‘We delight in the beauty of the Butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through.

Maya Angelou

Why Imaginal?

Imaginal cells are catalysts of transformation.
When a caterpillar enters the chrysalis stage,  the dormant imaginal cells – the source of the butterfly – begin to grow and flourish.  Initially the caterpillar’s immune system, not recognising these new beginnings,  tries to destroy them but the cells multiply,  banding together as they resonate.  Eventually they reach a tipping point,  transforming and growing into a multi-celled organism – a butterfly.
Bruce Lipton, author of the bestselling book ‘Biology of Belief’, writes about the imaginal cells as being ‘a new vision in the midst of chaos – a higher level of evolution.’
The same can be said for our Body and Soul.  The Soul carries our  ‘imaginal cells’ and knows our true self and its journey,  but the Body – unaware of the Soul – tries to control and suppress our link to that true self.
It is this dissonance which opens us up to dis-ease and ill-health.
Imaginal Oils help to restore and rebalance your energy field – using Nature’s own frequencies to enable the body, mind and soul to heal itself.

‘Your Body is woven from the Light of Heaven.


Alexandra Dart

As an accredited spiritual healer, horticulturalist and garden designer, I have always had an affinity for, and love of, plants.  They are truly Nature’s Gifts.
After learning about the amazing healing power of essential oils, with their subtle yet complex phyto-chemicals, I was drawn, in these difficult times, to offer healing to both people and animals.
I have been guided to key teachers in spiritual healing, vibrational flower healing, animal self medication with essential oils & herbs, and finally, a detailed study of essential oils and their properties.  I hold qualifications in Holistic Aromatherapy and Zoopharmacognoscy.
Fundamentally, we are all spiritual beings on a physical journey.
Our body is the vehicle – it carries our Soul.  Along the way both body and soul receive many woundings.  These wounds are opportunities to be faced.
It is how we deal with the opportunities which gives Soul growth.  
Oils help us restore and rebalance our energy field to our true vibration.
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‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is the servant.
We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.’

Rosemary oil sacs with leaf hairs

About the Oils…

Plants were here on Earth long before human beings and carry essential Qi or Prana, which is the primordial Life Force of our Planet.  
The Plant Kingdom provides us with clothing, housing, heating, food and medicine.  Without plants we simply would not exist.  They absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen whilst we do the reverse; this symbiotic relationship is best summed up as;
‘Your breath is my breath, my breath is your breath’
Plants build their cells using light energy through photosynthesis and are messengers of Solar, Lunar, Stellar  and Cosmic Light.  They carry healing frequencies to help us find and connect to our own Inner Light – the Light of the Soul.


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Lavender oil gland

Essential oils are part of the defence system of a plant.
They are extracted from leaves, flowers, peel, roots, bark, resin or wood and plants use them for protection and survival.  

While discouraging foragers with their strong smell and taste, they also fend off competing plants and attract pollinators. 

When distilled, the oil sacs explode releasing the essential oil which holds the intelligence of the plant.

Every essential oil has unique qualities – its own ‘personality’ – with characteristics that resonate with the different levels of our being.
Each exquisite mix of oils works together in synergy – the sum of the parts being greater than the individual elements.

My sleeping patterns were irregular and waking often - not only being able to fall asleep, but to lie and fret.
Since using your oils regularly I now find a different kind of peaceful sleep occurs, sometimes even a welcome afternoon nap!

C v B - London

I could sense a stream of sparkling violet energy curl up from the bottle and I was guided to remember something concerning my Soul path which I had forgotten. Your oils are a potent and safe spiritual alternative to mind altering substances!

E C - Northumberland

Alexandra's oils supported a seismic shift within me.
You can feel her blends are suffused with her loving care and each application of the oils is like being wrapped in a fragrant, healing, relaxing hug!

M M - Devon

Alex is an extremely knowledgeable and very experienced practitioner;
she helped me and my family through a very difficult and challenging time.

I depended on these oils during my great physical and emotional distress. They do the job!

T R - Oxford

The quality of Alex's oils is so exquisite, it's like having a little bit of heaven in a bottle!

C W - London

The bespoke oils that Alexandra made for me to use in my work as a therapist
can honestly be described as “out of this world”.
They have the magical ability to change awareness.

S M - Devon

The oils that Alex creates are the most beautiful alchemical blends that bring many gifts…
peace, clarity, insight, connection…

C C - Devon

In 18 years of Kinesiology, the constant challenge has been balancing the emotional needs
of clients and solutions have been hard to find. Alexandra’s oils have proved the most effective.

N H - Wiltshire

Thank you for the oils. I feel so much better and have come alive again,
strong and centred and I have even started painting. What a relief.

The dark clouds have passed and I am ready for this year and know it will be a good one;
there has been such a shift. Thank you so much.

P A - Dorset

How your Oil works…

Smell is one of our most powerful and evocative senses.  It’s 10,000 times more powerful than our sense of taste and works using a combination of tiny scent molecules given off by the essential oil and our complex and clever olfactory system.
Essential oils, though they may appear simple and fragrant, are actually made up of complex phyto-chemicals; these power the therapeutic qualities of each oil.  A typical essential oil will possess more than 200 different phyto-chemical compounds and some oils such as Rosa damascena have over 500 identified compounds.  This complexity means that they are very effective in a range of uses, so one oil may be anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial whilst also addressing mental, emotional and spiritual needs. 

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In 1991, a family of 1000 genes that encode odour receptors was discovered in the lining at the top of the nose.  The Professors who discovered how this works, Richard Axel and Linda Buck, were awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize for Physiology for their groundbreaking work.

The lining of our nose or olfactory epithelium contains over 5 million olfactory neurons which send messages directly to the brain.  When the scent molecules stimulate these receptors, they transmit impulses to the limbic system – the parts of the brain that deals with emotions, mood and memory.  

This is why smell triggers memories and powerful emotions.    

The synergy produced by combining oils  together amplifies the effect.

Whilst oils can also be absorbed directly through application to the skin, the fastest way to access the power of essential oils, is to simply smell them – a few drops on a tissue –  or put a few drops on the wrists, other pulse points or around the ankles where all the energy meridians pass.
In this way we connect directly with the consciousness of the plant and its subtle healing vibration.

‘Who looks outside, dreams; who look inside awakens.’

Carl Jung


I am an accredited Healer with the College of Psychic Studies in London UK.  Everything which is alive on our Earth has an energy or vibrational field.  When we are unwell or stressed, the level of that energy field is lowered.  It is possible to improve the depleted levels by the use of therapeutic quality essential oils and through spiritual healing.
There are many energy fields in the Earth’s atmosphere – for example UV and infra -red; healing energy is one of those fields.  It has the fastest and therefore, the finest vibration of all.  
The role of the Healer is to link to the fine energy levels and act as a conduit for the client, transmitting the healing energies at a rate the client is able to absorb.  
Spiritual Healing is soothing,calming and comforting to Mind, Body and Soul.  The client is not touched except lightly on the shoulders to make a connection.  Thereafter, a flow of gentle energy surrounds the patient bringing deep relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. 
The benefits of Healing include the restoration of confidence, soothing of anxiety as well as the promotion of spiritual and physical well being and strength.
I offer ‘one to one’ or ‘distant’ healing.
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‘A rose is the only thing you can take with you when you die, for it is not of this world’

Ancient Persian saying

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    Today, Aromatherapy is widely accepted by orthodox and complementary practitioners as one of the most comprehensive natural therapies. It is not, however, a substitute for essential medical advice and treatment.

    Aromatherapy can be defined as the ancient art and science of blending naturally 

    extracted essential oils from aromatic plants, to balance, harmonise and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. 

    Essential oils can only be extracted from aromatic plants, including flowers, leaves, roots, resins, seeds and fruit, with each essential oil having its own unique healing properties. 

    Aromatherapy is one of the most popular forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). It promotes health and aromatherapy massage may help alleviate a variety of minor medical conditions.

    Aromatherapy aims to enhance well-being, relieve stress and help in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the human body.  

    Essential oils have the unique ability of working not just on physical conditions when used with massage, but they can also have a positive effect on emotional wellbeing.

    Aromatherapy can provide a relaxing and calming effect for those suffering with mental health problems, dementia and those receiving palliative care. As a result, it is also used in a variety of settings, including hospitals and hospices.


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